Magnetic Door Opening Detector




For more security at home and in the workplace. This detector is a magnetic reed contact switch that conducts electricity when door is closed (magnet part is next to the sensor) and is open when the door is open (magnet far away).

Image: Arrangement of reed switch and magnet on a door


The detector can be attached either with screws or adhesive tape – 1 pair brand new alarm switches with reed contact

II. Features

  • Operating voltage: max. 100V DC
  • Load current: Max.:300mA
  • Switching capacity: max. 10W
  • Operating distance: 15 – 45mm
  • Dimensions: 27 x 9 x 8.4mm
  • Case Material: ABS plastic
  • Color: White and Black, You can choose it by yourself
  • Delivered: 1pair magnetic contact reed switch alarm
  • New and unused

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 27 × 9 × 8.4 cm

White, Black

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